Case Study: TFS's GuaranteedFLEET® Program Gave a Tire Manufacturer 100% Uptime and Improved Safety

The Ask:

A leading tire manufacturer had observed turnkey European third-party fleet management solutions and wanted something similar. The company hoped to opt out of fleet management to free up people and resources to concentrate on its core business.

The goal was a comprehensive, outsourced solution that would enhance plant operations and guarantee 100% uptime. The tire manufacturer asked TFS to take on all forklift fleet responsibilities – procurement, maintenance, and power optimization.

The Challenge:

As TFS held discussions about the comprehensive program with the tire manufacturer, they told us that material handling safety was a big concern, since the facility recently had experienced a serious injury. However, management didn’t have a clear-cut plan to increase safety.

TFS brought its expertise to the table, pointing out that newer, safer, and more reliable equipment utilizing telematics would have the added benefit of significantly improving safety.

How TFS Met the Challenege:

TFS and the customer partnered on a pilot of TFS’s GuaranteedFLEET® program, a comprehensive fleet management solution the team had been designing well before the company walked through its door.

“We were in the stages of developing a program where we’d lease equipment to our clients at a fixed rate every month, and that fixed rate would include any maintenance, equipment management, or power optimization strategies needed to guarantee 100% uptime,” says Tom Ryder, TFS’s Chief Commercial Officer. “More than that, though, the rate would include implementing safety telematics on the client’s assets. This would ensure the people driving the lifts were doing so safely, skillfully, and productively.”

Targeted Improvements:

After a thorough, data-driven analysis of the customer’s operations, the GuaranteedFLEET® program launched, focusing on the following:

The Result:

“Ultimately, through this 100% outsourced maintenance solution, we were able to lower the client’s total cost of operation, while providing them with newer equipment, a preventative maintenance plan, and the ability to upsize or downsize their fleet without financial risk,” says Ryder.

What started as a desire to bolster plant safety and efficiency became a total fleet management revolution. Thanks to TFS’s full-lifecycle engineered solutions, the tire manufacturer now enjoys a reduced total cost of ownership, increased productivity, and a safer workplace for its employees.

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