Equipment Financing

Applying the Lessons of Equipment Leasing to Material Handling

For twenty years, TFS has leveraged equipment financing know-how in the material handling industry.
  • Do you lease the majority of non-core equipment assets like delivery vans, long range trucks, printers, copiers and IT equipment yet still own your forklift equipment?
  • Are your facilities in a constant battle trying to obtain new equipment but having inadequate budget?
  • Is the average age of your  material handling equipment greater than five years?  Are you concerned about the safety risks of these ageing assets?
  • Do you have a haphazard buy vs. lease program across all types of mobile assets such as forklifts, pallet jacks, Taylor Dunns, aerial lifts, outdoor equipment, sweepers, etc?
  • Do you get a pit in your stomach every time you turn in leased equipment due to onerous and hidden return fees?
  • Are you able to connect the dots on your maintenance and lease costs to clearly measure and take action on high total cost of ownership assets and under-performing facilities?

Historically, material handling equipment has been treated differently than similar non-core assets like delivery vans, long range trucks, copiers, IT equipment, etc. TFS has spent the last twenty years helping customers transition into flexible financing approaches to help them reduce costs and safety. Financing is a powerful management tool when used wisely. TFS works with a host of lenders that our long term track record for managing the full lifecycle of assets on their behalf. As such, we are able to build customized, flexible financing solutions for customers that can include asset buybacks for cash flow, refinancing of existing equipment, redeployment of equipment and timed replacement cycles.

Financing can unlock enormous productivity improvements when utilized properly. If you are having challenges with your current leasing partner(s), or trying to move towards a financing approach for the first time, talk with one of our Finance Engineers to gain new approaches to changing existing habits and mindsets within your organization. Fill out the form below to contact us and learn more.

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