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Consumer trends are changing the way you do business.

Material handling requirements are more complex than ever due to omnichannel and ecommerce demands. As inventory management transitions from a pallet to each/piece pick focus, the life of our facilities, operators and carriers continues to change. Most facilities are still working through the implications as they re-engineer the distribution network and individual facilities. The imperative is clear: every day your organization wastes by not improving is a day you fall further behind the competition.

But does this transition require immediate, major investments, or is there a way to build a roadmap of investment and change that gives a facility time for change management and to deliver clear ROI?

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We design and maintain higher uptime, safer, integrated and lower total cost of ownership equipment systems

The Changing Face of Material Handling

To keep up with consumer trends, distribution is changing constantly.

The three core processes in distribution are:

Inventory Management

Carrier Management

Material Handling Management

Most facilities are focused on those first two processes, but lack flexibility in their material handling processes. Why is that? It’s because most facilities traditionally only improve their material handling processes during a significant purchase for new forklifts.

The reality is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Your material handling processes can be improved and optimized on a regular basis.

How We Help

To address the vastly different approach to material handling and the changing market, more organizations are focusing on revamping their existing facilities than starting over! That means you need flexibility built into your system to adjust and grow as your needs change.

With process thinking, not equipment-first thinking, we help you optimize your entire material handling process and fleet. We evaluate and solve problems across all of your core processes, including receiving, quality assurance, put-away, picking and shipping. We save space, reduce picking times and help you optimize existing processes/infrastructure before considering automation investments. Our systematic assessment process uncovers efficiency, identifies areas for immediate improvement, and together builds you a roadmap for the future.

As with all TFS solutions, we provide multiple payment/financing options to ensure you have the flexibility you need to take immediate action.

From simple racking layouts to complex automated systems

Our systematic assessment is geared towards designing the right solution, in the right sequence, the first time. We start with the end in mind; evaluating every aspect of your current operations, optimizing them, and planning new ones.

What TFS Can Do For You

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Push-Back Racking
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Dock and Safety Solutions
Rack Supported Buildings
Modular Offices
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Pallet Conveyor
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