Flash Fleet Assessment Request

Material handling is a top 15 expenditure for manufacturers and distributors.  At large facilities, it is typically a Top 3 expense that drives productivity.  It is also complex, labor intensive, and if you get it wrong it’ll have cascading impacts on your operations. Out-dated material handling approaches are likely degrading your operational excellence and damaging your competitive position. A flash fleet assessment is the first step to help you identify areas where you can:
  • Find areas to reduce cost 15% annually
  • Increase productivity and uptime
  • Increase distribution flexibility
  • Optimize your material handling equipment
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The hidden costs and losses that exist in their current processes.
  • The total cost (direct, indirect & opportunity costs) associated with the lack of appropriate technology.
  • An outdated supply chain methodology degrades a company’s operational excellence and creates significant damage and drag on its cost structure and competitive position.
TFS has been optimizing material handling equipment fleets for customers since 2001. We are a brand independent provider of turnkey fleet management services for Fortune 1000 companies and large manufacturing & distribution companies throughout North America. We have an incredible team of dedicated professionals with the skills and experience required to efficiently manage every aspect of fleet operations. Our analysts utilize a centralized, streamlined fleet management model to consistently generate significant improvements and cost savings across the full life cycle of the fleets they manage.

Flash Fleet Assessment Request​