A Guide to the Useful Economic Lifespan of Your Forklift Fleet

A Breakdown of Real-life Data by Asset Type

Are you grappling with the optimal time to retire your material handling equipment?

Lack of data is an age-old problem that’s further complicated by long lead times. Facility managers can no longer pick up the phone and get a new asset quickly, like they could in the pre-pandemic days. They have to work around failing or broken equipment, sometimes waiting months for new equipment or breaking the bank with costly rentals.

The results: increased downtime, disgruntled facility workers, and a disappointing annual review.

To avoid this, you need a fleet management strategy based on your assets’ lifespans—but many facility managers lack that data.

Good news! TFS aggregated seven years of asset data across hundreds of applications to find that sweet spot for five categories of assets.

After all, a fleet of aging assets means your business is at risk in terms of scalability and efficiency. In fact, at a certain point, it starts to cost you more to keep an old but still functioning forklift in operation than it does to purchase a new forklift

And at a certain point beyond that, it starts to cost you a lot.

Download A Guide to the Useful Economic Lifespan of Your Forklift Fleet: A Breakdown of Real-life Data by Asset Type to get real-life data you can use in your facilities.

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