How to Combat Inflation Using the 5 Levels of Material Handling Efficiency

Along with a Different Approach to Automation

If you’re battling rising costs caused by the pandemic, global supply chain issues, labor shortages, and skyrocketing inflation, you may think you’ve already exhausted most potential cost savings.

What you may not realize is that there are two frequently untapped sources of cost savings: material handling and fleet management.

Even well before prices soared, TFS used a five-level material handling efficiency model to cut costs and raise profit. However, with inflation now on the rise, more companies than ever are struggling with uptime and costs.

If you’re looking for strategies to help offset inflationary spend, this paper lays out the ways TFS helps clients think about fleet management. Our approach results in better costs and uptime in both the short term and long term.

While this technique won’t negate inflation, it will make your business more cost-effective and resilient. It also helps you find the low-hanging fruit that will result in immediate savings and will help you develop a roadmap for the future.

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