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Supply Chain Insights


Warehouse automation isn’t a panacea. It can’t fix things you don’t have today. You can’t automate if you don’t have these three things:

  • Standard processes
  • A strong grasp (probably digital) of your inventory
  • A business-driven (not technology-driven) vision of where you are going.

Technology can’t solve bad or inconsistent business processes.

Get the basics down first, before you automate. Here are some tips.

Have you ever thought of automating your facility as a way to INVEST in your people?

Most employees in a distribution center highlight the job as a way station, not a place to make a career. Yet, if you put in automation, you create new types of jobs that require your team members to learn new skills. To adopt software and data-driven approaches. To maintain automation equipment. What if one of our primary goals in automating our facilities was to increase quality job opportunities and upskill our people?

Smart Ideas from Smart People

  • The seven most expensive words in business: “We have always done it that way.” – Dr. Travis Bradberry, Chief People Scientist at LEADx and author
  • “The reality (about supply chain performance) is that the new normal is continuous disruption, and this will continue to have major negative impacts on synchronizing supply to demand. Anyone claiming we will be returning to the old normal or ending the continuous disruptions is not living in reality. There are many issues that require years to turn positive: semiconductors, ocean transport, labor shortages, work lifestyle, digital supply chains, etc.” – Jim Tompkins, Supply Chain Thought Leader and Entrepreneur

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