The Supply Chain Roundup | What You Need to Know to Tackle Supply Chain Disruption

It’s officially Spring! As if the world didn’t have enough going on already, unexpected things continue to crop up, such as the first Amazon union and the Ever Given’s sister ship, which also got stuck, exemplifying the worst kind of sibling rivalry.

To help you keep up, we curate all the need-to-know material handling news every month—so read on!

Supply Chain Insights
News from around the Industry 

Supply Chain Insights

  • This Wall Street Journal documentary follows “the months-long, 14,000-mile journey of a typical consumer good from factory to front door to reveal the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain.”
  • Speaking of vulnerabilities, a potential strike looms for more than 22,000 dockworkers in 29 ports along the West Coast of the US.
  • Lora Cecere of Supply Chain Insights recommends five steps the U.S. government should take to improve the global supply chain crisis in both the short- and long-term.
  • A former Amazon exec talks about the disadvantage of disconnected systems, among other factors, when competing with Amazon’s convenience and shipping.


  • The 2022 MHI Annual Industry Report shows that the pandemic forever changed how the C-suite views supply chains. As a result, adoption and investment in automation and technology are about to explode.
  • Macy’s is advancing its omnichannel strategy with a new warehouse in North Carolina “aimed at increasing digital sales, including an advanced goods-to-person and pocket sorter system.”
  • Workers often fear automation because of job displacement. This video offers guidance as to how employees and companies can adjust.


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“Biggest takeaway from MODEX 2022 so far: With the accelerated change automation is bringing, strong business partnerships are critical to delivering solutions that solve whole problems for customers.” – Ryan Lynch
MODEX 2022 Change Automation Graphic

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A leading tire manufacturer wanted a turnkey, European-style forklift fleet management solution—and significantly improved facility safety in the process. 

Case Study: TFS’s GuaranteedFLEET® Program Gave a Tire Manufacturer 100% Uptime and Improved Safety

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