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Supply Chain Insights
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Supply Chain Insights

  • If you’re planning your 2022 conference schedule, this list of supply chain and logistics conferences is invaluable.
  • About 99% of deliveries were on time this holiday season.
  • The microchip ​​bottleneck should lessen in the second half of 2022, although it won’t be smooth sailing for a while.
  • 95% of manufactured goods move across the world in shipping containers. Ports in America are usually privately owned and are among the most inefficient in the world. WIRED follows the global journey of a single shipping container and supply chain analyst Lora Cecere breaks down the pain points and offers solutions.
  • Supply chain professor Jason Miller crunches data to show the real reasons for our supply chain issues—not broken supply chains but rather over-taxed supply chains with close to 20% growth from 2019 highs.  What we’re seeing “is the continuation of incredible consumer spending straining import operations.”
  • A truck driver shortage and erratic auto manufacturing combine to create uncertainty for new car transport companies, which struggle to predict the number of drivers needed for deliveries.


Smart Ideas from Smart People

  • Tom Ryder, TFS Chief Commercial Officer, explains how marrying telematics data from lifts with operations data not only increases uptime, it significantly improves facility safety.
  • As we all plan for 2022, Lora Cecere shares how to think about digital transformation. In her words: “A true digital transformation is not a program. Instead, it is a new way of working.”


  • Sure, it was cool when you could turn your lights off with Alexa, but soon, your car might be able to power your house. Here’s why bidirectional charging is the future of EVs.
  • Many companies struggle to maintain sustainability goals as they rush to put out fires every day. The key is balancing environmental and commercial sustainability—and that starts by establishing “transparent and measurable goals.”
  • A company’s decisions about forklift financing can drive productivity, safety, and cost structures across your production facilities and warehouses. Here are 5 ways to leverage forklift financing as a competitive advantage.

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From the TFS Team

How a “True” Fleet Manager Can Save Your Business During the Supply Chain Crunch

There’s no question that every company is reeling from supply chain issues right now. The good news it that there is something you can do about it: work with a fleet manager.