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Material handling requirements are more complex than ever due to omnichannel and ecommerce demands. As inventory management transitions from a pallet to each/piece pick focus, the life of our facilities, operators and carriers continues to change. Most facilities are still working through the implications as they re-engineer the distribution network and individual facilities. The imperative is clear: every day your organization wastes by not improving is a day you fall further behind the competition.

But does this transition require immediate, major investments, or is there a way to build a roadmap of investment and change that gives a facility time for change management and to deliver clear ROI?

10% Savings Year Over Year, Over Multiple Decades:

Matthew Blair, Minerals Sourcing Lead, with Owens Corning talks about their long-standing partnership with TFS to solve their material handling challenges and make it easy to do business with, in a world of supply chain uncertainties and complexities.

Customer Material Handling Challenges:

  • Highly fragmented
  • Thousands of assets to manage
  • Hundreds of suppliers
  • High lease and maintenance costs
  • Lack of data

Partnership Results:

  • Accounted for millions in savings
  • Reduced equipment age
  • Drastically reduced supplier count
  • Reduced brand dependency

We design and maintain higher uptime, safer, integrated and lower total cost of ownership equipment systems

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